Travel and Tourism – Case Study


Patourlogy is a premier tour company offering unique and personalized travel experiences in a variety of destinations, ensuring unforgettable adventures for their clients.

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What We Do For Patourlogy


Web design & development

For Patourlogy, DigitalDoctor created a visually captivating and user-friendly website that highlights their diverse tour offerings and allows customers to easily browse and book their dream vacations, providing an engaging and seamless online experience.


Search engine optimization

Our team at DigitalDoctor implemented a strategic search engine optimization campaign for Patourlogy, focusing on identifying high-traffic and relevant keywords through in-depth search console analysis, which led to a significant boost in organic search visibility, attracting more potential customers and resulting in increased bookings.

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Improved Google Search Console Performance

By implementing targeted SEO strategies and diligently monitoring Google Search Console data, we were able to enhance the overall performance of Patourlogy’s website in organic search results. This improvement led to increased website traffic, higher click-through rates, and better keyword rankings, ultimately driving more potential clients to discover and book unforgettable travel experiences through Patourlogy

Top Keywords Driving Success for Patourlogy’s Website

Our expert SEO strategies have identified and optimized the most impactful keywords for Patourlogy’s website, leading to increased visibility and customer engagement. These top-performing keywords not only boost search rankings but also connect potential clients with the unforgettable travel experiences offered by Patourlogy, driving bookings and contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

The Result.

As a result of our comprehensive web design, development, and SEO efforts, Patourlogy experienced a significant increase in website traffic, improved search rankings for top-performing keywords, and a substantial boost in bookings, all culminating in the continued growth and success of their travel and tourism business.